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Energy Efficiency Through Battery & Energy Storage in San Jose & the Bay Area

The costs of electricity have been rising greatly in recent years. With the steep tariffs imposed by electric companies, it is no wonder that homeowners want new, effective solutions. Fortunately, our team at Elite Energy Efficiency offers a great way to avoid expending energy at peak hours. 

With our reliable Union City home battery and energy storage services, we can help residents cut their energy bills exponentially.

How Does a Home Battery Storage Work?

People are very familiar with small batteries that are used in appliances and tools, from flashlights to toys. But how does a home battery work? Typically, home batteries rely on solar panels to collect an extensive amount of energy. This “bank” of solar panels can then be used later, usually during a power outage. 

The way this works is that the batteries collect energy when the sun is shining. Then this kind of DC electricity that has been accumulated is transformed and stored as AC power. Later, when the power goes out, this stored AC energy can safely be used to operate appliances and devices.

Serving The Bay Area
From our base in Union City, we are able to service San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area.

The Financial Benefits of Investing in Home Batteries

Purchasing a battery for the home does require a certain amount of investment, which might initially make homeowners a bit nervous. However, there are so many ways that home batteries save money that the investment will soon prove its value. 

One clear advantage of using battery storage is that it reduces the need to use traditional electricity. Many companies supplying electricity to clients have set expensive tariffs on electric use during peak hours. 

With solar energy collected in a home battery, residents do not need to use costly electricity. They can even go completely off the grid if they desire. 

Not only will the savings from this storage quickly offset the installation fees, but home batteries also enable residents to benefit from federal and local incentives. There are multiple rebates rewarded to homeowners who use solar power rather than typical electricity. 

To learn more about these rewards, just give our knowledgeable team a call at (408) 459-4267 or contact us online.

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    Hitesh Shah
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How Many Batteries Does a Home Need? 

Once residents have learned the benefits of investing in home battery storage to conserve energy, the next step is figuring out how many batteries they need. To answer this question, it is best to arrange a dedicated consultation with our knowledgeable professionals. This is because multiple factors make each situation unique to a resident’s needs.

Determining the right number of home batteries depends on:

  • The size of the house
  • The number of electrical appliances and device
  • How much electricity is usually consumed by any high-powered appliances
  • Individual battery specifications for voltage

Our knowledgeable technicians at Elite Energy Efficiency are ready to advise which options would be best for your individual preferences. 

Reach out to our professionals at (408) 459-4267 with any questions regarding Union City home battery and energy storage services.

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